New features for the eBike Flow app (03/2023)

Smarter, more individual, safer - improved navigation with the eBike Flow app. With these updates, your next ride will be even better.

Eyes straight ahead

When riding your eBike, you should concentrate on the road. That's why we've added a new feature to the navigation that makes this easier: From now on, turn-by-turn directions can be given by voice or as short tones. Simply follow the audio instructions to continue to reach your destination safely. The option can be set in the ride screen: During navigation, you can select at the top right of the screen whether navigation should take place with or without voice output. You ridewith your smartphone on the handlebar or with your Kiox 300? No problem - the audio instructions also work with the mobile phone - even in your pocket.

Navigation as it should be

On the trail, every second counts. When you navigate with Kiox 300, you now get even more route details. From now on you can see junctions, descents and turns. So, you stay in the flow.

Re-routing, quick and easy

If you deviate from your original planned route, the eBike Flow app immediately calculates an alternative - without annoying instructions that force you to turn back. Just keep going. We'll show you the new route in seconds.

Come to the dark side

A new display option for the map during navigation is the 'Dark map'. The dark design is not only easier on the eyes, but also on the battery of the smartphone. You can activate this option during route planning under Map > select route profile > Map details.

Navigate smart, arrive on time

We have optimised the calculation of the arrival time so that the navigation learns from your previous journeys and responds even more precisely to you and your riding behaviour. With this update, we are trying out a new function. With the help of artificial intelligence, we suggest certain routes to you. This way, we can take many different factors into account and offer you even better, customised solutions for your route planning in the future. Please help us with your feedback by rating the route planning in the app.

Two factors determine your cycling performance

How much power you can put on the pedal and how fast you can turn the crank. With the new display in the ride screen, you can track your cadence and the power you are putting in to optimise your ride and fitness.

While riding, you can now also keep an eye on the current altitude and gradient values and enjoy your progress. The two additional displays can be called up via the ride screen. Use the LED Remote or the Mini Remote in combination with the System Controller while riding.

Dude, where's my eBike? Admit it, you've asked yourself this question at some point as well! With the Bosch ConnectModule (available at your local dealer) and eBike Alarm, you can park your eBike safely and be informed if your eBike gets lost. But what if you yourself have forgotten where you parked your eBike? It's easy: the street where your eBike is parked is immediately displayed on the Home Screen under your name. Click on it to see the exact position on the map.

Further features

Critical messages

Since the safety of your eBike is very important to us, we have made sure that you are always informed about what is happening with your eBike. Therefore, make sure that the option 'Critical notifications' is activated in the settings of your iPhone under Notifications > eBike Flow App. This function is only available in the iOS version of our app.

Rename completed activity

As soon as you start pedaling, each of your activities is recorded. You can now freely choose the title of each activity. Also use emojis to express your mood. This feature is also only available in the iOS version of our app.

Add new components

Now you can easily and quickly connect your Intuvia 100 and Mini Remote to the smart system using the eBike Flow app. To do this, go to My eBike > Components in the settings of the eBike Flow app and add your new device. Follow the instructions in the app.

Note: To use the eBike Flow app, you need at least Android 8.0.