Five steps to your new eBike

eBike buying tips

Five steps to your new eBike

eBike buying tips

Once you decide to buy an eBike, you'll be spoilt for choice: The range of models available is broad, with something for everyone. Before you buy, you should be clear about your own wishes and needs. These five questions will help you to navigate your way through the jungle of offers and to find the right electric bike for your needs.

What do I intend using the eBike for?

Just for an occasional trip to get some fresh air or for the daily one-hour commute to work? For sporty bike trips in the mountains or for carrying heavy loads around the city? The key question when buying an eBike is how you want to use the eBike in everyday life. City bikes with moderate support are the best choice for getting around the city. On the other hand, if you want to use your bike for regular shopping trips or to ferry the kids to and from kindergarten, you should think about an eCargo bike that will enable you to maintain control while riding with a heavy load. Sporty riders will appreciate trekking or touring bikes with a dynamic, powerful drive. Speed pedelecs with support up to 45 km/h are suitable for commuters who regularly travel long distances. If you enjoy riding trails and need a powerful, agile drive, then an eMountain bike is the ideal choice.

If you are not sure which eBike suits your needs, you can find out quickly and easily in our eBike advice.

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What distances do I want to be able to cover?

You should also be clear in advance about what you need from the battery. What range should the powerhouse give you? On what type of terrain do you mostly use your bike? A small, lightweight battery is ideal for covering short distances in the city. You can choose between a frame battery, rack battery or integrated battery: All Bosch battery types are powerful and are available with capacities from 300 to 750 watt hours. In the case of eCargo bikes and selected sporty bikes, DualBattery gives you the option of combining two batteries - for up to 1,250 watt hours. Hence, before buying the eBike, it is advisable to think carefully about how you want to use the bike and what distances you want to cover.

The range assistant

The range of Bosch rechargeable batteries depends on numerous different factors. You can use the Range Assistant to calculate the range of the support you can expect from your eBike system on your next ride in various conditions.

The range assistant

Where can I park my eBike?

On the street, in your garage or in the back garden: an eBike can be parked almost anywhere you like. Carrying it up the stairs to your flat every evening is not an ideal solution given its weight. If you park your eBike outdoors, you should think about an anti-theft device. In addition to a robust mechanical lock, there are also digital solutions that make eBikes less attractive to thieves. The Lock function of the Bosch Kiox on-board computer, for example, deactivates the eBike's motor support as soon as the display is removed from the bicycle's handlebars. The police also recommend that eBikes should be labelled and registered. This can be done easily and free of charge at any police station. How you benefit: Potential thieves may be deterred when they see the badge attached to the bike. If your eBike gets stolen, the fact that it is listed in the database will make it easier to return it to its rightful owner.

How much do I want to spend – and what can I expect for my money?

As with all technical products, the price of an eBike depends on the specific requirements placed on the product. Solid entry-level models can be found on average from 1,800 euros upwards. In this price category, there are high-quality eBikes that are equipped with brand-name components and with which years of riding enjoyment are possible. In principle, the following applies: The resilience of the components also increases with the price. eBikes with mid-range equipment cost up to 3,000 euros, while eBikes with high-quality to high-end equipment will cost more than that.

Where should I buy the eBike?

Bosch eBike dealer talking to a customer

Hardly anyone would dream of buying a car without test-driving it first. The same should go for eBikes: So: Your first step should be to find a reliable dealer. The dealer will provide expert advice and allow you to test your dream bike or even take it home for an extensive test ride. Even after purchase, you are advised to stick with the dealer you have chosen: your dealer is the right contact for maintenance work and repairs and can read the system data professionally with the help of a diagnostic tool. When buying an eBike, it's not just the price that counts, but, most importantly, the service.

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