Reasons to get an electric bike

Riding an eBike is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are young or old, commuting or using it for exercise, the electric bike's power boost makes cycling easier, enabling you to travel longer distances and reach your destination without sweating. What began as a niche market has now become trendy. Getting an eBike has so many benefits. To learn more about them and why the eBike brings people together, read on.

 1. The environmental benefits

Ebike riders help conserve the environment, especially if they ride every day. Half of all car trips are five miles or less and, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, a car's CO2 emissions are roughly 40 times higher than those of a bicycle with a battery-powered motor. Riding an eBike is therefore much more environmentally friendly than driving a car, even for a short distance. It is also quieter and more economical.

 2. Headwinds are a thing of the past

Once in a while, wouldn't it be nice to have a little help on a steep climb with a full-on headwind? An invisible "hand" to give you a gentle push to make starting a climb or a steep ascent almost effortless? The eBike makes it possible to confront steep climbs without worrying about being able to make it to the top, regardless of the headwind.

Three riders on eMTB going down a trail on a grassy hillside

 3. Gets you in shape. Makes you mobile

Are eBikes just for those who want to take it easy? Not at all! Even with power assistance, eBike riders still have to pedal to get moving. It is up to you to decide how much power assistance you want or need. Studies have found that cyclists ride their eBikes more often and cover much longer distances than conventional cyclists. So now is the time to get on an eBike, regardless whether for comfort or a good workout.

 4. Perfect for commuting

Do you want to get in shape while commuting? Then the eBike might be just the thing for you. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, over 60% of car trips are less than 6 miles, which makes the eBike ideal for replacing most car trips.

 5. Easy exercise, extra boost

Thanks to the smooth, adjustable power assistance provided by the eBike drive system, an eBike is perfect for fitness or for getting back into cycling. Furthermore, the drive system does not put too much stress on knees or joints. Would you like to get into shape, feel healthy, and improve your sense of well-being? Then an eBike is a move in the right direction.

 6. Brings people together

The mood on a ride can take a wrong turn when people with different abilities and expectations go on a long, hard ride together. This is when a small motor can truly work wonders. Power assistance offsets different fitness levels and abilities, bringing people closer together again, thus ensuring everyone on the ride enjoys the experience and comes back for more.

 7. Easy on your wallet

eBikes are not as expensive to purchase or maintain compared to cars. There are no gas expenses, insurance premiums, taxes or parking fees. The cost of gas alone is $6 to drive 50 miles and only 8 cents to ride 50 miles on an eBike. Now that is true savings. Are you sold on an eBike yet? 

 8. Fun factor

Electric bikes make cycling easier and more fun. The power assistance enables the eBike rider to sail past many other road users almost effortlessly. In fact, an eBike is often the fastest mode of transport for use on city streets.

 9. Pure mobility

Multiple modes of transport? No problem! You can ride an eBike to the train station, take the train, then use public transport, walk or ride to get to your destination. An eBike makes you fast and flexible. You can cover distances more easily.  Power assistance gives you a real boost in the city. Electric bike riders leave traffic behind and don't have to worry about parking.

10. Something for everyone

The market is constantly introducing new models.  Riders with Bosch equipped eBikes are able to hit speeds of up to either 20 mph or 28 mph. There is a broad range of models to choose from for city, road, recreation and mountain biking. 


eBike brands

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eBike brands

You'll find an overview of all manufacturers that develop eBikes epowered by Bosch here:

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